Interim Statesville Police Chief expected to be announced next week


Pictured above:Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


At Monday’s night’s meeting, Statesville City Council members approved the demolition of a structure at 1015 Randolph St. as unfit for human occupancy.  The burned out structure has zero tax value and will cost the City about $3,000 to demolish.

Also approved was:

  • First reading of a rezoning request for Manheim Auto Auction properties, 145 Auction Lane, from Iredell County Highway Business (HB) to Statesville General Business (B-5).
  • Appointment of Marin Tomlin (DSDC Executive Director) to the Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau and naming of Joseph Bondi as the new chairperson.
  • The Community Appearance Commission’s request to solicit public donations towards the purchase of a sculpture to be placed at the corner of Meeting and W. Broad Streets. The request passed 7-1 with Council member John Staford voting against the motion because of concerns about where the sculpture will be relocated.

City Manager Ron Smith reviewed his plans for hiring a new police chief.  He said an interim will be named next week.  He is requesting proposals from various executive search firms to help with the search.  Smith estimates it will take 75-120 days to get a chief in place.  Police Chief Joe Barone is officially retiring at the end of the year, but his last day on the job is September 7, 2018.  Smith said he wants to have a person in place by the end of the year so that Barone can assist with the transition.

All items on the agenda were approved.

The next regular meeting is August 20, 2018.  Prior to that meeting, Council will meet in a special work session at 5 p.m. with the Storm Water Advisory Commission.

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Author: Niakeya James