Hickory woman accused of stealing occupied car


Pictured above: Rashida Foster – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


At approximately 1826hrs on Sunday, December 2, 2018, Statesville Police Department was dispatched to the Quality Inn on Sullivan Rd to the report of a vehicle stolen with a passenger still inside. A couple traveling south to Florida arrived to check into the hotel and the man went inside while his wife stayed in their burgundy SUV. While the man was inside, an unknown suspect reportedly jumped in the car and drove off with the female passenger still in the vehicle.

A BOLO was immediately sent out to officers and surrounding agencies and the Criminal Investigations Division and Violent Crime Unit were called in. The initial responding officer began checking the surrounding businesses for video footage, attempting to obtain identification or an image of the suspect. After several interviews with the clerks and reviewing multiple security videos, the officer believed the suspect was a black female who he had previous encounters with over the weekend.

At approximately 2006 hours, SPD units located the vehicle near “5 Points” at Davie Ave and Sullivan Rd and were able to get the vehicle stopped at the intersection of Davie Ave and Tradd St. The suspect, identified as Rashida Foster, was taken into custody without incident.

Foster, 40, of Hickory NC, was charged with second degree kidnapping and larceny of a motor vehicle. She was held at ICJ on a $75,000 secured bond set by Magistrate Tutterow.

The female passenger, who was unharmed, was transported to IMH for routine evaluation where she was reunited with her husband. The female was released with no issues from IMH and SPD Officers escorted the couple back to the hotel.

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