Founder of Statesville Black Chamber of Commerce charged with assault by pointing a gun


Pictured above: Vincent Brown – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


On Monday, January 14, 2019 at approximately 1255hrs, SPD Officers were dispatched to Statesville Painting & Maintenance on E. Front St. to a report of a subject with a weapon. When officers arrived on scene, they spoke with the caller and another subject who reported they were attempting to get money owed to them by the owner for work they had completed. The two subjects stated that the owner pulled out a gun, pointed it at them and made them leave the building.

When officers spoke to the suspect, Vincent Brown, he stated that the victims were communicating threats at the time of the altercation. Officers viewed the security footage and obtained a search warrant which resulted in a firearm being located inside the building.

Vincent Brown, 55 of Kenmore Dr Statesville, was arrested and charged with possession of firearm by felon and two counts of assault by pointing a gun. Brown was taken before the Magistrate at the Iredell County Jail and was issued a $2,000 secured bond.

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