Domestic violence symposium planned in Mooresville

Downtown Mooresville – WSIC File Photo


MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Mooresville Police Department, in conjunction with the NC Department of Public Safety/Governor’s Crime Commission and Diakonos, Inc., will host the 2017 Iredell Symposium on Domestic Violence at The Charles Mack Citizen Center, October 4-5 from 8:30 am – 4 p.m. This event is open to the public and free of charge, however online registration is required due to limited seating. ( ) Continuing education credit is being offered by North Carolina Justice Academy.

The two-day event will provide presentations from recognized specialists in domestic violence and sexual assault responses. The featured speaker is Mark Wynn, a nationally recognized trainer and consultant in community and law enforcement responses to domestic violence and stalking. Representatives from NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault, NC Conference of District Attorneys, Helpmate, Inc., and more will also be speaking at the event. Topics planned include bystander intervention, intimate partner violence and the faith-based community, prosecuting domestic violence cases, stalking and the use of technology, lethality assessments and safety planning, investigating strangulation cases, the effects of children exposed to domestic violence, and more.

“This symposium was designed to better educate everyone involved in effective responses to domestic violence, not just law enforcement,” said Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams. “We are committed to empowering people with knowledge to enable them to recognize when domestic violence is occurring, its impact on our communities, and what resources are available to address it and hold offenders more accountable.”

For more information, contact Detective Daniel Miglin,, or 704-658-9026.

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