Accused of stabbing estranged wife next to son, Boonville man expected in court Monday

Bobby Royal – Picture courtesy of the Yadkinville Police Department


Yadkinville Police have arrested a Boonville man early this morning after breaking into a home and stabbing his estranged wife.

Bobby Justin Royal, W/M, age 29 of Mabel Trail, Boonville was charged by police with Attempted Murder, Assault With a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury, Assault With A deadly Weapon in the Presence of a Minor, First Degree Burglary, and Child Abuse.

Police received a 911 call early Sunday morning around 2:24 am to respond to a residence on Chestnut Street for a reported stabbing and the perpetrator was still in the home.

Police arrived and took Royal into custody. EMS treated Royal’s wife, Michelle P. Royal, age 32, for multiple stab wounds to her face, neck, arms, and legs.

Police allege that Royal broke into his mother-in-law’s home on Chestnut Street, Yadkinville around 2am. Michelle had moved into her mother’s home with their one-year-old son amid a marital separation from Bobby. Royal entered Michelle’s room and used a large kitchen knife to stab Michelle numerous times while she lay in bed with their son.

Awakened by the screaming, Michelle’s mother ran to the bedroom and Royal stopped his assault. Bobby went to the kitchen and waited for police to arrive. Michelle’s injuries were life threatening, but the child only sustained minor injury.

Michelle was transported to WFUBMC for emergency treatment of her wounds. The child did not require immediate medical treatment.

Bobby is being held without bond pending a bond hearing before a district court judge Monday. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are expected.

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Author: WSIC editor