11-year-old accused of placing needles in Rowan County Halloween candy


Pictured above: The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office says an 11-year-old is responsible for needles found in Halloween Candy from the Grace Ridge subdivision – Picture courtesy of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office


On October 31, 2018, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report that a 12 year old child had been injured with a sewing needle while eating a piece of candy. The victim had been celebrating Halloween, and was “Trick or Treating” in the Grace Ridge subdivision, off Grace Church Road, in southeastern Rowan County. Deputies responded and discovered the child suffered minor injuries from the needle that was inside of a “Snickers” brand candy bar. A search of the child’s candy revealed a second needle in another “Snickers” candy bar.

On November 1, 2018, a second family reported finding a needle in a “Snickers” candy bar, in candy their children received while “Trick or Treating” in the same Grace Ridge subdivision. Detective with the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division continued the investigation, and information was shared with the public through the local media. Numerous items of “Trick or Treat” candy was collected and examined trough X-ray examinations, but no other objects were located.

During the course of the investigation numerous interviews were conducted, and a suspect was identified over the weekend. As a result of the investigation, Rowan County Sheriff’s Detectives filed Felony charges through Juvenile Court on an 11 year old child that visits relatives in the Grace Ridge area. The child has been referred to Rowan County Juvenile Court facing charges of Distribution of Certain Food at Halloween Containing Foreign Objects (NCGS 14-401.11). The investigation indicates that this child placed the needles inside the candy with the intent of the candy being distributed out to Halloween Trick or Treaters. The needles were inserted into the candy through the wrappers and would be very difficult to detect. The child has been sent for a mental evaluation before the court proceedings begin.

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Author: WSIC editor