Mooresville Joann’s Fabric employees make face mask kits after location runs out


Joann Fabric announced a national initiative several days ago to donate face mask kits to folks who wanted to sew them at home. Several area Joann locations ran out of the kits pretty quickly but the Mooresville location employees all banded together to do something pretty special!

WSIC News spoke with Store Manager Rachel Penhollow who explained: “Our employees realized the importance of this and so, when we ran out of the mask kits, we decided total it upon ourselves to improvise! Each day, as we can, we come in early, we stay late and we put together as many of our own mask kits that we can. We ask our customers to please be here at 9 a.m. to get the kits and we give
away all we have been able to make. Then we start all over again to get more ready for the next day.”

We at WSIC think this is a spectacular thing and we hope you’ll join us in thanking Mooresville’s Joann Fabric! We think you’re all rock stars indeed!


Written by WSIC sales manager, Kathy Flerx.