Make Noise to Make a Difference – Friday, April 3rd


On Friday, April 3, Atrium Health, in conjunction with thousands of people across the communities we serve and dozens of local organizations,  is launching a “Thank You” campaign to show support to our healthcare workers who brave going into work every in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. You may have seen in large cities that people are stepping out onto their balconies during shift change and making noise to recongize the hospital staff. Well, we are hoping to do the same here, even if we don’t have a large city feel! Our message is this:

In the face of coronavirus, our community has stepped up to help one another. Let’s show our support by stepping outside at the same time, on the same day, and making some noise. Ring a bell. Clap your hands. Shake a tambourine. Bang a wooden spoon against a pot. Cheer at the top of your lungs.

We might be physically apart, but we’re more together than ever. Make some noise. And let your local healthcare professionals and neighbors know you’re in this fight with them, too. Capture photos and videos and share on your social media. Use the hashtags #ThanksHealthHeroes and #AtriumHealthProud

Several downtown buildings will also participate by lighting up in green on Friday night to represent health, harmony, and thanks to healthcare workers.

Author: Staff Writer