Guidance for Issuance of Certificates of Post Disaster Reentry


In the event of a state-wide Stay at Home Order, businesses will NOT be required to have any credential to continue operations. Any such Order and accompanying Guidelines should be reviewed by businesses to determine whether they may continue operations.

What is a Re-entry Certificate?

A Re-entry Certificate is a document issued by the Business Emergency Operations Center to certify businesses deemed essential to restoring the health, safety, or economic well-being of a disaster area in accordance with NCGS 166A-19.70.

Certificates are ONLY relevant when there are restrictions on movement, such as in the case of a curfew imposed by local officials after a major disaster such as hurricane or after an evacuation order has been lifted for emergency and other necessary personnel. When this occurs, local officials may use the Certificates to aid in identifying persons who are appropriate to enter/reenter a restricted area. Thus, these Re-entry Certificates are ONLY needed in local jurisdictions that have imposed curfews or other specific restrictions on movement. Decisions about entry/reentry are the authority of local governments.

Do I need a Re-entry Certificate to keep my business open during an emergency shut-down of businesses or Stay at Home Order? NO

A Re-entry Certificate is not necessary or relevant to keeping a business open in the event of a “Stay at Home” Order by the state or a local government. In the event of a statewide or local Stay at Home order, businesses should consult the Order and any Guidance related to the Order, and determine whether they can continue operations. No documentation will be required to continue operating within the parameters of any statewide Order.

Do I need a Re-entry Certificate to travel to and from my place of business in the event of a Statewide Stay at Home Order? NO

A Re-entry certificate is not relevant or necessary for movement between your home and place of business.

Who qualifies for a Re-entry Certificate?

Certificates of Reentry are ONLY issued to people/businesses considered essential to restoring the health, safety, or economic well-being of a disaster area. Generally, this includes those involved in utility restoration or who routinely transport or distribute consumable goods such as groceries, medicine, fuel and clothing.

How do I apply if I still think I need a Certificate?

Registered vendors who provide critical services, essential commerce and necessary goods for the health, safety and economic well-being of residents, can apply for a Certificate of Post Disaster Reentry by following the procedures outlined on the Reentry Registration page located at