Those Zuckerberg cutouts? They were made in Charlotte

100 life-sized Mark Zuckerberg cutouts adorned the US Capitol lawn Wednesday as the Facebook CEO testified before a joint congressional committee – Image: Azaaz

The fleet of 100 life-sized Mark Zuckerberg cutouts that adorned the U.S. Capitol lawn Tuesday was produced by a Charlotte company.

Heritage Printing & Graphics made the displays for activist group Avaaz which said in a press release that “it’s calling on Mark Zuckerberg, Internet CEOs and government regulators to fight disinformation campaigns threatening our democracies.”

Kevin Smith is Marketing Manager for Heritage and says the group wanted a high-quality product that could be produced quickly.

The cutouts featured Zuckerberg in a t-shirt with the phrase “fix fakebook” printed on the front.  Numerous media outlets reported on the display.  Heritage says that while many have referred to the life-size Zuckerberg’s as “cardboard cutouts,” they were actually produced using coroplast substrate which is a type of corrugated plastic.


Heritage’s Brent Thompson appears with some of the Zuckerberg cutouts during the production process – Image: Heritage Printing & Graphics


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