Public input sought for study looking at I-77 alternatives


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Representatives from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) have announced the launch of ‘Beyond 77’ a new study aimed at developing alternative transportation options for those who travel the I-77 corridor from Statesville, North Carolina to Rock Hill, South Carolina. Beyond 77 launches at a time when the Charlotte metro and surrounding regions continue to grow at a rapid pace, and a reliance on personal vehicles puts a strain on existing infrastructure. The goal of this study is to consider solutions beyond I-77 itself, identifying long-term transportation options that improve mobility.

Residents who live and work in this region are encouraged to participate by visiting and taking a brief survey. Survey questions during this initial phase will provide valuable insight into travel patterns, transportation needs and commuting preferences. Public input will be gathered through a series of outreach activities, and this information will help shape proposed multi-modal solutions for the 68-mile study area.

“Our team remains committed to identifying progressive solutions for our community, and we are eager to explore the possibility of alternative transportation options for this area,” said Agustin Rodriguez, PE, CRTPO Project Manager. “We encourage any resident interested in shaping the future of mobility along the I-77 corridor to get involved by taking this brief survey. The community’s input during this process is critical and will help move us forward in determining the best solutions for our region.”

Beyond 77 is being coordinated by the CRTPO in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The comprehensive study will roll out in several phases, with a completion date of September 2021. Local residents will be asked to participate and provide feedback throughout the course of the effort.

Those interested in taking the online survey or signing up for project information can visit

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