Portion of Statesville road washed away as torrential rain hits region


Pictured above: Part of Old Mocksville Road in Statesville was washed away by rain water during this week’s severe weather – Image courtesy of FOX 46


Two sections of Old Mocksville Road are closed in Statesville due to washouts from heavy rainfall.

A portion of Old Mocksville Road near Dunlap Gate Road in Statesville is missing. Heavy rain caused a section of the road to collapse, creating somewhat of a waterway between the two sections.

Statesville saw nearly two inches of rain overnight, nearly five inches in the last two days – that’s according to data from the USGS.

The Statesville Fire Department responded to 9 storm related calls in one hour Thursday night, two for possible structure fires where homes or nearby trees were struck by lightning.

Iredell Emergency Communications says the road leading to the Real McCoy Campground near Troutman flooded. Troutman Fire and Rescue responded – ECOM believes only one camper was actually evacuated. WSIC is seeking further information.

A tree came down on a house in Conover but didn’t cause significant damage or injuries according to the fire department.

Pictures from GoLakeNorman.com show flooding at the Mooresville Golf Course.

USGS rain gauge totals show 1.7 inches overnight at Langtree, 1.3 inches in Denver, 1.6 inches in Huntersville and about 1.1 inches in Concord.

Author: WSIC editor