New Jersey company announces move to Concord


Picture courtesy of Cabarrus Economic Development


Hydromer, Inc., a New Jersey-based manufacturer, made an exciting announcement in April about their plans to move their operations to Concord, North Carolina this summer. Hydromer was built in 1981 and grew to become a leading developer of polymer-based products in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, as well as cosmetics, personal care and other industries. They will be moving to Corporate Drive in International Business Park.

Hydromer will be bringing over 30 new jobs to the community, with wages well above the current county average. “Advanced manufacturing and technology companies like Hydromer are a strategic target for our community,” says Robert Carney, Executive Director of the Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation. “They bring high quality jobs and significant investments. This is a big win for us.”

The decision to relocate Hydromer to Cabarrus County was partly due to the region’s position as a growing talent hub, its competitive business climate, tax rate and its well-established international business hub. According to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, the plastics manufacturing industry is 85% more concentrated in this region than the national average and has over 10,000 people working in the sector.

“We are very excited about Hydromer coming to our area,” says Bill Dusch, Mayor of the city of Concord. “Their highly inventive polymer-based products and manufacturing processes will create high quality jobs that will fit in well with our community.”

Hydromer’s relocation to Concord will put them in one of the fastest growing cities in the Charlotte region and in close proximity to many major markets along I-85 and I-77. We look forward to welcoming them to their new headquarters and manufacturing facility this summer.

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