New Huntersville office building will target small and medium-sized businesses


Picture courtesy of Elevation Real Estate Group


CHARLOTTE (Nov. 20, 2019) — Elevation Real Estate Group, a Charlotte-based real estate company, launched Focus Office Suites, an alternative choice in the office space market, and broke ground today on the first location at 9541 Julian Clark Avenue, in Huntersville, North Carolina. Slated to open in July 2020, Huntersville is the first in a number of planned Focus Office Suites locations in the greater Charlotte area. Leasing is currently underway.

The Focus Office Suites brand is different than traditional office space and is perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses. Companies can choose the right-sized suite – from one to four offices, with square footage ranging from 474 to 1,760, and lease on a short- or long-term basis. Key features planned for each Focus Office Suite location includes secure, private offices; security cameras and 24/7 accessibility; high-speed internet connections in every office; kitchenette with wet-bar and refrigerator in each suite; free on-site parking; and restaurants and services conveniently located nearby. Focus Office Suites will be move-in ready and companies will be able to sign a lease in the morning and move in that afternoon.

“There is a need in the market for affordable, professional office space for small- and medium-sized businesses,” said Dante Massaro, Elevation Real Estate Group principal. “The co-working spaces really don’t serve these companies well in terms of professional image and don’t offer a secure, private space or around-the-clock accessibility. Working from home may be convenient and easy on the budget, but it’s often an unproductive and unprofessional environment. Over the course of our more than 20 years in the real estate market, we continually received inquiries from clients seeking space that is created specifically for them that offers a wise use of space as opposed to the restrictive leasing arrangements and unusable space that many larger office complexes offer. That’s why our team developed this alternative. Focus Office Suites are priced to be competitive in the small- and medium-sized market.”

“In designing Focus Office Suites, we listened to clients who felt that many office buildings were not designed for their needs,” said Chris La Mack, Elevation Real Estate Group principal, and architect. “We designed Focus Office Suites with the key amenities that a small business would need ­– from a reception desk to a kitchenette to storage space. Each Office Suite maximizes the space so that a client gets a right-sized footprint that meets their specific needs and there is built-in expansion capability by connecting doors.”

“We are looking forward to having the first Focus Office Suites built here in Huntersville as this concept will fill a niche for those seeking spaces that have been hard to come by in our region,” said Melinda Bales, Huntersville Mayor Pro Tem and Lake Norman Economic Development Corporation Board Member.

The Focus Office Suite concept is a turnkey solution. Many of the details will be taken care of to help make the transition seamless as there are no long-term lease agreements or substantial up-front costs or investments. There will be no time wasted designing and building out office space as the locations will be move-in ready. Companies will simply choose an available floor plan that fits their needs, sign a lease, set up furniture* and plug in. Everything needed will be behind the secure door – a reception area, storage space, small kitchen with sink, and conference area.

Leasing for the office suites is underway. The Huntersville location is the first of several planned for the Charlotte market. For office layouts and pricing, visit Contact Barbara Guillote at (336) WE-FOCUS [(336) 933-6287] or for further information.

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Author: Niakeya James