NEW BOOK: WSIC’s news once came from a college dorm room? Yes, that actually happened

WSIC’s Chris Hoke recently published his first book, “The Dorm Room Newsroom: Learning & Broadcasting Outside the Lines” – Source: Book cover by Chris Hoke, author’s picture by Dave Graham Photography

The last time you heard news on the radio, did you give any thought to where it was reported from? Probably not. Chris Hoke’s listeners on WSIC in Statesville, North Carolina had no idea their newscasts were being recorded by a college student in his dorm room.

A story of faith, broadcasting, college and business, The Dorm Room Newsroom: Learning & Broadcasting Outside the Lines delves into this unlikely tale of success and how one radio station looked outside the box for its growth and continued development. The book reveals one of Charlotte-area media’s best kept secrets: newscasts from a college dorm. But, as the back cover states, that was just the start.

Hired just days before his high school graduation, Chris Hoke learned journalism, media and business from the ground-up. Working from his dorm rooms while studying on campus and at home or the office while studying online, Chris has reported on everything from local crime and politics to presidential elections.

“Chris is not your typical millennial,” says Iredell Broadcasting owner, Mark Sanger. “His story, and the story of this station, is being able to create something out of nothing. Chris has created a powerful news program and led the building of a television station and its content with essentially no budget.”

A story of faith, The Dorm Room Newsroom shares how God blessed Chris with a remarkably unique idea to help fund his college education after being turned-down for a large scholarship. Despite not having a college fund waiting for him after high school, Chris was able to graduate college debt free and encourages other students to look for ways to do the same.

“It was just a story that had to be told and I’m truly excited to be able to share it,” says Chris. “When I look back at how my college experience and early career worked-out, I’m truly amazed. It’s not what’s expected and that’s what made it so enjoyable. As I wrote in the book, I’m not bragging on me. I’m bragging on God.”

Broadcasting from a college dorm room yielded numerous memorable experiences, many of which are recounted in The Dorm Room Newsroom. Chris shares memories of his night spent recording news on a laundry room clothes-folding table and trying to talk with law enforcement officials amidst the sounds of college.

The Dorm Room Newsroom encourages readers to step outside the boundaries of what’s expected to pursue their dreams and God-given purposes.

Author: WSIC editor