Mecklenburg property values mailed with average 60% increase



CHARLOTTE (WSIC) – Mecklenburg County’s 2019 property revaluation notices were mailed Wednesday with an average 60 percent increase.

Residential property values increased an average of 43 percent. Industrial properties were up 77 percent.

“We’re seeing a very strong market that occurred all the way through the 2018 calendar year,” says Mecklenburg County Assessor Ken Joyner.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of auto-correct because our database is going to have each individual property’s physical characteristics file.”

Larry Shaheen is with Carolina Revaluation services and says the methodology can result in problems.

“One of the more specific things to remember about a mass appraisal is that it’s a statistical model using data that they have at hand for each individual property type and using that method does [get] into some error.”

In addition to the help of attorneys, Mecklenburg County has tools for review and appeal on its website.

Author: WSIC editor