Huntersville candidates talk future growth at forum hosted by LKN Chamber & WSIC


Pictured above: Candidates for Huntersville Commissioner prepare for a candidate forum hosted by the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce and WSIC – WSIC photo

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (WSIC NEWS) – It goes without debate – Huntersville is a busy place. So, how do we deal with that and plan for the future? Candidates for mayor and commissioner tackled that in a recent forum hosted by the Lake Norman Chamber and WSIC.

“I would start with regionalism,” says mayor candidate Rob Kidwell. “We’re effectively dead in the water. We’re not speaking with CMS, we’re not speaking with the county. We have isolated ourselves from our local state legislators.”

Former Huntersville Commissioner Rob Kidwell is challenging incumbent Mayor John Aneralla who says the town is working with its partners.

“I think one of the things that I would definitely consider continue to do is accelerate the infrastructure projects,” says Aneralla. “We have partnered very successfully with the state and the county to build the Patterson Road which is now going to bring about a $100 million worth of commercial business to the town.”

Kidwell says success now is thanks to the work of those who served before.

“Huntersville has great potential and we’ve done a lot of good things over the years, and that’s because of past boards. And, lately, it’s just kind of slowed down so it’s time to get it back up and running.”

How to manage future development was a key topic for commissioner candidates as well.

“Realize that we are growing at a rate that’s tremendous,” says candidate Joe Sailers. “Within fifteen years they say we’re going to be at 100,000 people. We have to get ready with our infrastructure that has been lagging behind today.”

“As we continue to build, I hear a lot of negativity from the community that we need to slow down,” says Derek Partee.

Stacy Phillips and other candidates say its important to encourage business growth, have the needed infrastructure, and not forget about green space.

“I think it’s critical to do these things. We have to plan around infrastructure as well. We’re not going to grow as a town if we only build homes. We need to bring in businesses, unique businesses, so that we’re thriving and are different than Cornelius. We’re in completion with Concord, Cornelius, Davidson. So, we need to keep Huntersville unique.”

You can watch the forums in their entirety here: