HIGHLIGHTS: Candidate forum – NC Senate district 41, Mecklenburg Commissioner district 1


Pictured above: NC Senate district 41 democrat candidate Natasha Marcus and incumbent republican Jeff Tarte – WSIC Photos

HUNTERSVILLE (WSIC) – NC Senate district 41 candidates Natasha Marcus (D) and incumbent Jeff Tarte (R) met for a candidate forum Tuesday hosted by the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.

Mekclenburg Commissioner district one candidates Elaine Powell (D) and incumbent Jim Puckett (R) also participated in a discussion. Some of the highlights from both forums are below.

NC Senate district 41


Candidates were asked what they have done to fight I-77 tolls.

Social Programs

Candidates were asked about Medicare and Medicaid.


Candidates were asked what in their personal or civic backgrounds should earn them a minority vote.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 1

Candidate Introductions

Community Pulse

Candidates were asked what they have done to get the community pulse.


Candidates were asked what they have done to support education.

The Current Board

Candidates were asked what the current Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners has done well and what it could improve on.