EXCLUSIVE: Eric Trump talks NC’s role in 2020 election


Pictured above: Eric Trump at Trump National Charlotte in Mooresville Wednesday, May 15 – WSIC photo

LAKE NORMAN, NC (WSIC) – If you pay the least bit of attention to political discussions, you know North Carolina is expected to be a key state in the 2020 election.

“North Carolina is always a state that is incredibly, incredibly important in national politics,” says Eric Trump. “It was in 2016, and it was in 2012, and it certainly will be again in 2020.”

Eric was at the family’s club in Mooresville on business this week and talked 2020 in an exclusive interview with WSIC, including what role the queen city will play.

“Charlotte is a big place, you know has a big population center. No, it always comes down to an entire state, but I think we’re going to do incredibly well.”

Trump won North Carolina by nearly 4 percent in 2016. Analysts and those spending the money are watching the tar heel state. Calling itself “Trump’s outside political machine”, the America First Action Superpac has announced a $300 million fundraising goal with money to be spent in six key states including North Carolina.

Polling shows a tight race that slightly favors a democrat depending on how you read the results.

North Carolina also has a major Senate race next year where Thom Tillis faces a new challenger – Garland Tucker. Tillis has been accused of flip-flopping by both sides on border wall funding. Eric Trump wouldn’t say where the junior senator stood with the Trump camp.

“I kind of stay out of politics. I do. I run a great company. I’m a great surrogate for my father, I believe in his policies. I don’t really get into individual personalities. It doesn’t help.”

Still, it’s obvious the Trump administration would rather keep Tillis with reports indicating Vice President Pence will fundraise for the senator in North Carolina next week.