Davidson warns of salesmen claiming Continuum is going out of business



The Town of Davidson received several reports from residents yesterday of two individuals allegedly from AT&T approaching houses in town attempting to solicit business. The two were wearing AT&T branded attire and incorrectly claimed that residents would need to get a new cable and internet provider since Continuum was going out of business.

The information these solicitors shared with residents about Continuum going out of business is incorrect. In last week’s election, voters in Davidson and Mooresville approved the sale of Continuum to TDS Broadband LLC. After the closing of the sale at the end of 2019 or early 2020, TDS will continue to offer cable, internet and voice service to the region.

As a reminder, the Town of Davidson has a no-solicitation ordinance that bans this kind of practice at residences. Any resident who receives a visit from solicitors is encouraged to remind these individuals of the regulations in town and report the incident to the Town of Davidson Police Department by calling 704-892-5131 or 9-1-1. Any resident with a Ring Doorbell is also encouraged to send footage of the encounter directly to the police department through the Neighbors App. The police department will accept any photos or videos from other security systems as well.

The police department is currently investigating whether or not these individuals were engaged in a deceptive business practice or were attempting to gain personal information from residents. The town will also contact AT&T to remind them of the no-solicitation ordinance.

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Author: Niakeya James