Davidson Police officer earns rare traffic certification


Pictured above: Corporal Joe Squashic – Picture courtesy of the Davidson Police Department


DAVIDSON, N.C. – The Davidson Police Department strives to be a problem-solving organization – one whose interests are for the peace and safety of the public they serve. Even though working as a police officer is a full-time job, some officers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this community’s safety. One such officer is Cpl. Joe Squashic.

The Town of Davidson commends Cpl. Joe Squashic for completing the North Carolina Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Certification Program. This rigorous program required 500 training hours through the North Carolina Justice Academy, which Cpl. Squashic exceeded, and must be completed in just five years. Officers, upon completion of the program, will have mastered several important aspects of traffic enforcement and related topics, thus achieving a high level of professionalism for themselves as well as the department. This program began in 1999 and Cpl. Squashic is just the 305th police officer in the state to complete the program since its inception.

Of his interest to complete the program, Cpl. Squashic notes, “I’ve had a passion for traffic since I began working on the traffic unit early in my career. I began taking classes to better understand why crashes occur and how we can reduce the number of crashes. Though it was difficult in achieving this certificate, it’s been far more rewarding in educating our community on the importance of traffic safety.”

Davidson Police Chief Penny Dunn highlighted the officer’s good work, sharing “this is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates Cpl. Squashic’s pledge as a law enforcement officer to make the streets and highways safer for citizens. Congratulations Cpl. Squashic on this incredible accomplishment. We are very proud of your success in reaching this rare level of certification in the State of North Carolina.”

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Author: WSIC editor