Cornelius PD nails the bacon hashtags after catching roaming pigs


Pictured above: Officers capture one of the pigs that had been roaming Cornelius – Picture courtesy of the Cornelius Police Department

CORNELIUS, NC (105.9 FM WSIC) – Calling them Hamlet and Wilbur “to protect their privacy,” the Cornelius Police Department has captured two pigs who were roaming a west Cornelius neighborhood.

The agency tells WSIC the pigs were running-around the Normon Colony area off Bethel Church Road near Walter Henderson.  In a hilarious Facebook post about the capture, the department says the pair responded well to officers.

“Hamlet and Wilbur sure knew that we must have been some of their own kind, as they took us pretty well.”

The post finished with a series of comical hashtags including #pigsareourfriendsNOTbacon, #butbaconisreallygoodtoo, and #sorryHamletandWilburforthatlasthashtag.  Police are unsure where the pigs came from.  They have been relocated to a farm.

Author: WSIC editor