Continuum CEO David Auger dead at 63



DAVIDSON, N.C. – The Continuum Board of Directors is sad to announce the sudden passing of Continuum CEO David Auger on Friday, May 17, 2019.

“David was a wonderful person and a great leader for Continuum,” said Continuum Board Chairman Larson Jaenicke. “He will be missed.”

The Continuum Board of Directors has appointed Continuum Board member and experienced telecommunications businessman Bob Guth as the Interim CEO of Continuum effective May 18, 2019. Continuum will continue to operate and provide voice, data and telephone services to the communities it serves.

“With Bob’s extensive telecommunications and CEO experience and his mergers and acquisitions expertise, as well as his familiarity with Continuum as a member of the board, Bob is the perfect choice to step right in and keep the system operating to meet performance goals and proceed through the sale process”, said Continuum Board Chairman Larson Jaenicke.

“David’s passing is a terrible loss for all of us – employees and board members alike. I know the employees are committed to the mission of providing quality offerings to our customers and maintaining continuity of our services.” said Interim CEO Bob Guth. “I look forward to working with the experienced senior leadership team David put in place and all the great employees of Continuum.”

The towns of Mooresville and Davidson, co-owners of Continuum, are currently undertaking a process to market the system, with a potential sale later this year. This process will continue as planned, with involvement from Mr. Guth and the rest of the team.

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