Company reviewing I-77 tolls contract releases final report

WSIC file photo


RALEIGH – The North Carolina Turnpike Authority has released Mercator Advisors’ final report as part of the review of the I-77 Express Lanes contract. Rather than asking the public to re-read the entire report to find changes and additions, the report is presented as an addendum to the initial report.

The Turnpike Authority has delivered the final report to Secretary Jim Trogdon. Open houses for the public to learn more and ask questions will take place in October before any next steps are determined.

Residents provided feedback through NCDOT’s website and by email. Some comments submitted discussed a “complete and delete” policy option. A description of that option and others can be found on page 3 of the addendum.

While the final report has been released, the department always welcomes public feedback, which can be submitted through this website.

Based on the Turnpike Authority’s experience with tolling, large financial transactions and no prior involvement in the procurement and execution in the I-77 Express Lanes contract, Secretary Trogdon tasked the authority with the selection of a consultant to conduct a thorough review of all aspects of the contract. NCTA is facilitating the review and supporting Mercator’s data and logistical needs.

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