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On Air Call In Number: 704-873-1400

Office Number: 704-872-6345

Want to advertise YOUR business?  Call us at 704-872-6345 (leave a message, and an Account Executive will promptly return your call) OR, click HERE to fill-out our online request form and an Account Executive will call you directly!

Contact Us

  • Kim Wasson
  • Program Manager
  • 704-761-9945
  • Pat Shannon
  • Host Of Home Ad
  • Submit an item for Home Ad:
  • Heather Gessler
  • Account Executive & Journalist
  • 704-450-9529
  • Advertisement & Community Events:


4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. make everyone wear mask for 10 days. the existing germs will be dead and with mask on everyone, no new germs will be spread. Why not? mandate and fine, it”s only for 10 days. Repeat next month if necessary. I think when you see the results, more people will coperate.

  2. I am just so sick of the whole thing! It’s like we’re aliens on another planet. I feel alienated and disconnected from my work..friends..and family! Someone tell me when this will end? That is my comment and thought!
    Mr. Jerry j. Benfield

    1. Hi Jerry, Hang in there and know that the Lord has plans for us all! Now that the Governor is got us in Phase 3, hopefully you can get our more.
      Thank you for listening to WSIC.

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