Police support nonprofit TopDeck donates motorcycle to Cornelius PD


Pictured above: The dual-purpose bike donated by TopDeck – Submitted photo


TopDeck is a public charity that is dedicated to raising funds to support the morale and mission of the
Cornelius Police Department. The new vehicle will be used to access the many miles of paths and trails located in Cornelius. Cornelius has many trails and paths open for the enjoyment of the public and there are several Greenway projects under design and/or already under construction. The 2013 Park Bonds that were voter-approved raised funds for construction and completion of an overall Greenway system which will eventually connect Mooresville to Charlotte with a pedestrian and biking trail. For the portions of the trail that runs through Cornelius, and for trails like the 4.7 miles in Robbins Park; Cornelius Police Department will access the trails when they need to respond to assistance calls. In order to safely and effectively access these paths and trails, the Police Department needed a vehicle designed for multi- terrain. The main benefit of a dual-purpose bike is that it is lightweight and agile. Riders can easily change between terrain types and these types of motorbikes are easy to pick up and sustain less damage when they fall.

Police Chief Black says, “ The Cornelius Police Department is appreciative of this donation of a dual -purpose
motorbike. It will be very useful for our officers who need to access the trails. In addition to Greenway access
these bikes will also provide our officers the ability to efficiently respond to and check on areas currently not
accessible by a patrol vehicle. These areas include but are not limited to; gas line rights of way, power line
rights of way, etc. As the bikes move into service and we get some miles under our belts, I do see the
department discovering additional tasks the bikes can be used for to improve/add to the public safety services
levels provided.” Approximately 15 officers currently have Motorcycle Licenses and they will rotate usage of the dual-purpose bike.

Major Baucom drove the motorcycle last week through town to have police-specific safety equipment installed
on it. “This vehicle gets a lot of reaction from our citizens. Riding it makes us more approachable and allows us
to interact in a new way. We have also had positive feedback from our trail and greenway users as they see us
out on the paths.”

TopDeck worked with Interstate Motorsports to provide the best bike for Cornelius, and the new motorbike will
be formally presented to the Town and the Police Department at the August 19th Board of Commissioners
meeting held at Cornelius Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.

TopDeck Foundation was formed to generate supplemental funds for programs and expenses that help support
the morale and mission of the Police Department. TopDeck partners with Cornelius Police Chief Black to
determine how best to leverage the generosity of the community. Don Rainey, a founder of TopDeck said
“TopDeck continues to raises funds for items not covered in the town’s annual budget. We are pleased to be
able to purchase this specialty vehicle for our town and we are planning to raise funds to purchase a second one
as well as some helmets for the officers driving it.”

TopDeck Foundation is a public charity (non-profit) that has received 501 (c)3 designation from the IRS.
For more information please feel free to email Info@LKNtopDeck.org or call Bridget Rainey, (703) 283-8933 or
visit the TopDeck website at www.lkntopdeck.org.

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