Three I-SS schools are the only ones in NC to receive student support honor



The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has confirmed that three schools in the Iredell-Statesville Schools have been recognized as “exemplar schools” in regard to their Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) practices. While 186 schools were recognized for their work on MTSS, only three schools in the entire state received this honor, and they are all schools within the I-SS.

As anyone can imagine, being a classroom teacher presents all kinds of challenges, especially when it comes to meeting the academic needs of each child individually while orchestrating an entire classroom full of children. Over the years, the state of North Carolina has asked that schools focus on creating a “Multi-Tiered System of Support” (MTSS) for every child in every school building. Creating that system of support is a huge endeavor, and one that the I-SS has not taken lightly. “I-SS has been honing its MTSS processes for years working on problem solving and collaborating for the whole child, focusing on behavioral and academic strategies to achieve success for all,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Melanie Taylor. “This is a huge honor for the Iredell-Statesville School District. I-SS is proud to be recognized by the NC Department of Public Instruction for our problem solving and continuous improvement processes.”

Exemplar Schools in the MTSS process are defined as those that demonstrate best practices at the local level and develop the capacity of the region to support effective implementation. These schools have well-designed data systems and data are analyzed and responded to that are associated with both the fidelity of implementation and student outcomes. Exemplar schools have scaled and sustained implementation over a period of years with documented positive critical student outcome

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