Davie students recognized for efforts after bus driver passed-out behind the wheel


Pictured above: (from L to R) Doyle Nicholson, Elizabeth Jones, Joseph Fox, LeShawna Adkins, Joseph Ashburn and Andy Drye – Picture courtesy of Davie County Schools


LeShawna Adkins, Elizabeth Jones and Joseph Fox were recognized during the October Board of Education meeting and presented with certificates. These three students played an integral role in the events of September 19, when Mrs. Coleen Gaither lost consciousness while driving her school bus. The students were able to take the wheel, apply the brake and pull the emergency brake, avoiding further tragedy during this incident where Mrs. Gaither unfortunately did not survive. “Davie County Schools wanted to recognize the quick thinking of these students and honor their composure and courageous actions,” said Doyle Nicholson, Davie County High School Principal. “LeShawna, Elizabeth and Joseph demonstrated leadership and kindness during the events of that day, helping to stop the bus, call 911 and begin helping Mrs. Gaither. We are so proud of their willingness to take charge in this emergency situation.”

During the Board Meeting, Emergency Medical Services personnel Brian Byrd (Emergency Services Director), Joseph Ashburn and Andy Drye came to support the students. Ashburn and Drye were on the scene that day. After the presentation from Davie County Schools, Ashburn and Drye commended the students for their actions and bravery. On behalf of the Davie County EMS, they presented the students with an offer of sponsorship, covering tuition and books, should they decide they want to pursue a career in emergency medical services after high school.

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Author: Niakeya James