Statesville PD toy drive receives over 300 donations


Pictured above: Statesville PD officers collected more than 300 items in this year’s “Fill the Trailer Toy Drive” – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


The Statesville Police Department’s Fill the Trailer Toy Drive had a phenomenal first drop off event today at Kmart! The Professional Standards Division, Telecommunications, Patrol Division Alpha Squad and School Resource Officers attended the first of four drop off events.

The community surpassed our wildest expectations by donating over 300 items in just four hours! We are thrilled to have this incredible response to our toy drive which will benefit homeless kids and teens in our community. We will have three more Saturday 10a-2p drop off events: Nov 24 & Dec 1 at Walmart and Dec 8 at Box Car Grille on Taylorsville Hwy. We also have a large wrapped donation gift box in the lobby at the police department in downtown Statesville at 330 S Tradd Street.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Kmart and the citizens of Statesville for supporting our cause and helping us make a difference this holiday season – We hope to see you next Saturday, November 24th at Walmart!!

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