Public assistance needed on policy for affordable housing in Davidson



At the last Davidson Board of Commissioners meeting, Affordable Housing Manager Cindy Reid presented a draft resolution implementing a local housing preference policy.

Many low to middle income individuals and families who live and/or work in Davidson are unable to purchase or rent a home in town because both home prices and rents are very expensive. The purpose of this proposed policy is to provide that applicants who live or work in town will be given priority when applying for affordable housing over others who do not have the same connections to town. This preference will be applicable to housing units built through the Town’s affordable housing program, Town owned homes, and projects that receive a subsidy from the affordable housing (PIL) fund.

If you would like to read the draft resolution and provide feedback on the proposed local housing preference policy, visit the Town of Davidson’s Speak Up platform here.

The board will be asked to consider approval of the resolution implementing the local housing preference policy at the November 12 meeting.

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Author: Niakeya James