New Statesville stormwater fee starts in July



After more than three years of study and development, Statesville’s Stormwater Service Utility will begin in July 2019.

To fund the program, Council approved the implementation of a new Stormwater Utility Fee.  Beginning in July, all Statesville City residential and non-residential property owners will see the new charge on their utility bills, while non-utility property owners will receive a separate bill.  The single family residential fee is $4.70 a month.  The fee for non-residential properties will be higher, due to larger impervious surface areas (rooftops, parking lots, sidewalks).

Stormwater is the runoff associated with rain hitting impervious surfaces and then flowing downstream. For Statesville, the water typically flows to the closest storm drain in a city street.  These drains lead to a large underground pipe and culvert system and eventually empty into creeks, streams or rivers around the City.  In the early 1970s, the Federal Government adopted regulations to control Stormwater runoff and the damage it can cause to the environment and infrastructure.

The Stormwater Management Program was begun to curb the effect of pollutants that are carried to the drains (oil, sand, trash, cigarette butts, etc.) and clean the streams and creeks that run through and near the City.  Also going into effect July 1st are the local regulations that will govern future development and redevelopment.

To prepare citizens for the new fee, the Stormwater Advisory Committee and city staff held meetings in the spring to educate the public about the program and explain the new fee.  Brochures were inserted in March and June utility bills, and can be found online at under Public Works/Stormwater.

For questions about the Stormwater fee, call 704-878-3567.

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