New app will allow Davidson PD to review video submitted by residents


DAVIDSON, N.C. – The Davidson Police Department announces that they are partnering with Neighbors, a Ring application (app) which operates like a virtual neighborhood watch. The app is not monitored by the police department, but police can view, post, and respond to crime and safety related information as it is posted by residents using the Neighbors app. Users can get real-time crime and safety alerts from both neighbors and law enforcement.

“The objectives of proactive policing include building beneficial relationships to enhance our abilities to prevent crime and inform our community about crime trends,” explained Police Chief Penny Dunn. “Expanding our capabilities with our community partners, both residents and technology, helps us do both and solve crimes when they occur.”

The Davidson Police Department can also submit video requests to help with active investigations in the area.

The Neighbors app is not a replacement for calling 911 in an emergency situation. “Residents need to remain aware and diligent in staying safe. Human intelligence and intuition far exceed the technological tools when it comes to personal safety,” added Chief Dunn.

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Author: Niakeya James