More than 50 roads damaged by flooding in Alexander and Catawba



SHELBY – Weekend storms have left a significant impact on dozens of roads in Division 12, particularly Alexander and Catawba counties. N.C. Department of Transportation crews are assessing damage to more than 50 roads in these counties, determining what repairs will be needed to restore service and access.

In Alexander County, both ends of a bridge on Herman Road just north of Summit Road are damaged, and a section of Rink Dam Road is also washed out near Sam Pool Lane.

In Catawba County, more than 40 roads are affected. Some are closed due to high water and damaged crosspipes. Once waters recede, inspectors can assess any damage and recommend repairs.

Bridge inspectors are also assessing damage to structures on Snow Creek and Kool Park Roads in Hickory.

Drivers who come across a road with barricades should not attempt to drive around them or move them. Instead, turn around and seek an alternate route.

Updated road closure information is available at

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