Mooresville Fire-Rescue seeks new recruits


Pictures courtesy of Mooresville Fire-Rescue


Mooresville Fire-Rescue is looking to recruit “dedicated team players” who want to serve their community in a fast-paced career.

The Town of Mooresville currently has five fire stations, and its firefighters do more than battle blazes. Assistant Chief Ben Hess, who trains new firefighters, said their department has many different disciplines and jobs within it, including community education on fire safety, building inspections, HAZMAT calls, rescue operations for the south end of the county and Swiftwater rescue.

“We’re looking for a diverse class of recruits who have the drive and commitment to be the best firefighters they can be,” said Hess.

Potential MFR recruits must be 18 or older and possess a high school diploma. Hess encouraged anyone who was interested to visit MFR’s website at and click on the recruitment tab, as the current application deadline is October 18. The page details each step of the process, including a guide for the required physical ability test and details about the written exam. Once those are completed, candidates may advance to a panel interview and a chief’s interview, and if a conditional offer of employment is extended, candidates will be subject to background and drug screenings, as well as a polygraph test.

When a candidate is selected, their recruitment class lasts approximately four months, with training to achieve state certifications for not only firefighting, but also emergency medical and rescue technician skills. They’ll work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. while they obtain the skills needed to work full-time at MFR, and after a graduation ceremony, they will be assigned to a more permanent shift, working 24 hours and off 48 hours.

“Our department is more than a workplace; we are family,” said Hess. “We offer an atmosphere where an individual can obtain professional and personal goals, and working with Mooresville Fire-Rescue means the potential for a great career.”

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Author: Niakeya James