Iredell Clerk of Court to serve on board that recommends criminal sentence lengths

Pictured above: Jim Mixson – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Clerk of Court’s Office


Statesville NC – Iredell County Clerk of Superior Court Jim Mixson has been named to the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission. The Commission is an independent body that serves the North Carolina General Assembly in an advisory capacity. It is comprised of 28 representatives from the three branches of government, from all areas of the criminal justice system, and from the public. It was originally created in 1990 in response to a need to revise the state’s sentencing laws and was subsequently mandated with the ongoing duties of making policy recommendations, tracking legislation, and monitoring sentencing practices and correctional resources.

Mixson says he is excited about the appointment and the opportunity serve as a Commissioner. “I am honored to be appointed to be appointed to the Commission”, said Mixson. “I am very aware of the work this commission has performed over the past 30 years, especially in the development of the Justice Reinvestment Act.”

The Commission was created by the General Assembly to make recommendations to the General Assembly for the modification of sentencing laws and policies, and for the addition, deletion, or expansion of sentencing options as necessary to achieve policy goals. Specifically, the Commission was directed to:

  • Classify criminal offenses into felony and misdemeanor categories on the basis of their
  • Recommend structures for use by a sentencing court in determining the most appropriate sentence to be imposed in a criminal case;
  • Develop a correctional population simulation model;
  • Recommend a comprehensive community corrections strategy and organizational structure for the State; and,
  • Study and make additional policy recommendations.

The Commission’s prior work led to the passage of the Structured Sentencing Act which became effective in 1994. That law established truth in sentencing and prescribed sentencing options for judges based on the severity of the crime and the prior record of the offender. From 2009 through 2011 the Commission focused on the development of the Justice Reinvestment Act, bringing together the key stakeholders from the legislature and the criminal justice system to reshape portions of North Carolina’s approach to sentencing and probation supervision.

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