Former Panthers Jake Delhomme and Jordan Gross to join Panthers radio team 2019 regular season



Carolina Panthers Hall of Honor inductees Jake Delhomme and Jordan Gross will join the Panthers radio team for the 2019 regular season as game analysts, the team announced Wednesday.

Delhomme, Carolina’s charismatic quarterback from 2003-09 who led the team to its first Super Bowl appearance (XXXVIII in the 2003 season), will work as an analyst for all of the regular season home games as well as road games at New Orleans (11/24) and Houston (9/29).

Gross, a three-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle who started a team-record 167 games from 2003-13, will work the balance of road games: at Arizona (9/22), San Francisco (10/27), Green Bay (11/10) and Atlanta (12/8).

“Jake and Jordan are great storytellers who bring a wealth of knowledge about the game and the team,” Steven Drummond, Carolina Panthers vice president of communications and external affairs said. “We’re confident that Panthers fans will enjoy their candor and benefit from their great insight. We’re also happy to share that Eugene Robinson will bring his signature enthusiasm to the pregame and postgame shows and the team’s weekly Panther Talk coach’s show.”

Mick Mixon will return for his 15th season of regular season play-by-play, while Jim Szoke returns for his 25th season of color commentary. Szoke has broadcast every game the team has ever played. Robinson spent the previous 17 seasons as the team’s game analyst.

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