EnergyUnited donation will support local first responders


Pictured above: (Pictured left to right) Andrew Donawa, Executive Director of First Responders Support Services;
Thomas Golden, Chief Strategy Officer & Vice President of Energy Services for EnergyUnited – Submitted Photo


STATESVILLE, N.C. – On Monday (Editor’s Note: Monday, December 9), EnergyUnited delivered a special donation for $1,020 to the First Responders Support Services (FRSS) of Statesville. The donation was made as the result of the electric co-op’s partnership with the Touchstone Energy Hot Air Balloon Team, who visited Statesville in October to participate in the Carolina BalloonFest.

“The Touchstone Energy Hot Air Balloon Team proved to be a wonderful addition to the 2019 Carolina BalloonFest,” said Maureen Moore, communications manager of EnergyUnited. “This donation demonstrates EnergyUnited and Touchstone Energy’s shared commitment to co-op supporting communities.”

The Touchstone Energy Hot Air Balloon serves as a goodwill ambassador for Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives. Over the past 14 years, their balloons have attended numerous Annual Meetings, Farm Shows, Balloon Festivals, Family Days, Rodeos, County Fairs and other events and most recently the 2019 Carolina BalloonFest where EnergyUnited hosted its annual employee event this year.

FRSS offers counseling, chaplaincy and financial crisis aid. First responders can struggle with the same challenges others go through — bills, divorce, a family death. Those challenges are compounded, however, by the added stress of 12-hour shifts that often put the lives of others in their hands. Emergency workers can also apply to have the Statesville-based nonprofit lend a hand when money is tight. If a responder experiences a personal crisis and is unable to pay their power bill, the organization will provide aid.

“FRSS was founded with a similarly cooperative spirit in mind,” said Andrew Donawa, executive director of FRSS. “We believe that the people who selflessly support our communities each day also deserve support and the assurance of dedicated resources that can they can count on during a time of crisis.”

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