Davidson Police Department to host distracted driving course



The Davidson Police Department, working together with the Cornelius Police Department, invites residents to a Teen Distracted Driving event on Saturday, July 27 12:00- 3:00 p.m. at Ingersoll Rand, 800 Beaty Street.

It is against the law for drivers under 18 (as well as bus drivers) to use cell phones while operating a vehicle in NC, but at this event, teens will use both a cell phone and a club car while they drive through a cone obstacle course.

“Drivers often discount the possible outcomes when driving distracted,” said Chief of Police Penny Dunn, “and the number of injuries and deaths as a result is too high. By offering this course to younger drivers, we have the opportunity to give them, as safely as possible, a real life experience of what can happen when driving distracted. Hopefully, they will better understand the potential consequences of texting and driving after they are done.”
In addition to the driving course, there will be a guest speaker, music, food, and a variety of safety organizations in attendance.

This event is open to Davidson and Cornelius teens who are ages 16-19 and have their NC license. Please email Officer Kanita Boone at kboone@townofdavidson.org with your name, contact number, neighborhood, and address.

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