Davidson basketball courts vandalized



DAVIDSON, N.C. – The Town of Davidson Police Department continues to investigate and seek information on subjects who vandalized equipment at the Plum Creek Park basketball court. Intentional and severe damage was done to the basketball goals, which are designed to be raised and lowered to accommodate users of all ages and abilities levels. Individuals with any information regarding the vandalism at Plum Creek Park are encouraged to contact the Police Department directly at 704-892-5131.

“The gear lever is being removed and the goals will be set to regulation height in an effort to reduce intentional damage,” said Town of Davidson Public Works Manager Jesse Bouk. “This equipment is widely installed in this region, including at Charlotte and County Parks, and the company that produces it has never seen equipment damaged to this extent as a result of normal wear and tear.”

It is clear that individuals are drilling and using heavy-duty tools to damage the goals. “This is beyond someone hanging from the rim and is obviously intentional,” said Davidson’s Police Chief Penny Dunn. The park is a gathering place for both children and adults from multiple neighborhoods to play basketball. “I have seen kids carrying a basketball and riding their bikes on the greenway to and from the park. I would hate to see the equipment removed because of vandalism,” Chief Dunn noted.

Plum Creek Park opened on November 10, 2018 and has seen a high volume in usage. The basketball court is one of only two public courts in town and is the only court with adjustable goals to better serve the whole community.

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Author: Niakeya James