City of Statesville reminds dog owners about city leash laws


Leashed dogs are welcomed in all of Statesville’s parks and greenways. But the City relies on the help of dog owners to keep these public grounds pet-friendly, as well as fun and safe, by obeying the City’s leash laws.

According to Richard Griggs, Statesville Recreation and Parks Director, this is an issue that surfaces every so often and reinforces the need to remind residents about the importance of leash laws. “The ordinance requires dogs to be under the owner’s control by use of a leash at all times when using the City’s parks.

“To be fair to people who don’t share an affinity for pets, the leash laws that are in place play an important and legal role in making the parks co-habitable for everyone … and not every dog behaves in the same way around other dogs. The City doesn’t have the resources to monitor this ordinance on a regular basis. We have to count on dog owners to follow the rules,” Griggs explained.

The City’s Dog Park, located on E. Broad St. adjacent to Caldwell Park, is a great space for dogs to run unleased, said Griggs. “It is fenced with plenty of area for all kinds of dogs to run unleashed.”

Pet owners are also asked to keep the parks enjoyable and healthy by removing dog waste from the parks, greenways, streets and sidewalks. Not all parks provide scoop bags, so dog owners should have their own bags whenever they have their dogs on public property.

“We think it’s great that more and more residents are using our parks for their dog’s recreational activity. But we all need to take responsibly for making our public spaces safe and fun,” stressed Griggs.For more information on the City’s leash laws or registering to use the Dog Park, call 704-878-3429.

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