Charlotte to become the home of Lowe’s new technology center


Picture courtesy of Lowe’s


Lowe’s announced today that it has chosen its hometown Charlotte as the future home for its new global technology center. The dedicated technology hub will ultimately employ up to 2,000 associates and help accelerate Lowe’s technology transformation, serving as the epicenter for the team Lowe’s is hiring to help modernize its technology systems and build future retail experiences.

Set to open in late 2021, the 357,000-square-foot facility will be located in a new 23-story tower in the South End district, a neighborhood immediately south of uptown Charlotte. The Charlotte Plaza in uptown will serve as the interim home for Lowe’s tech center. Lowe’s expects to fill the first 400 positions in the next year and plans to begin hiring immediately for a variety of roles, including software and infrastructure engineers, data scientists, architects and user experience professionals.

The new team will join more than 3,300 technologists at existing Lowe’s locations, including its Mooresville headquarters, to create technology solutions that will strengthen Lowe’s associate and customer experiences. Candidates can visit to learn about the tech center jobs and Lowe’s technology team.

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