Can dogs have healing capabilities?

Pictured above: All Aspects Service Dogs has a raffle to help raise funds to get Houston to Bryson in time for Christmas!

By: Melissa Neader

To feel trapped by a world of anxieties, physically unable to have full body mobility, unsure of when a seizure may begin, living with a syndrome, or having experienced debilitating trauma, these are just a few situations where a trained service dog can change a persons life. 

Imagine 11 Labrador puppies in your home.  The challenge, the energy, and the work!  All Aspects Service Dogs did more than imagine, they brought home those puppies and began the hours of training to improve the quality of people’s lives.  All Aspects Service Dogs is a family business that began as a hopeful idea for Tess, the 17 year old daughter, but the whole family has a part in these dogs lives that transition from playful pups to purposeful dogs.  Regina, my guest on Why Should I Care show December 12th, shared their story.  

Did these Lab puppies have different personalities and talents?  How did the playful face to face, rolling around contact that Cory, Regina’s son, did with one puppy end up turning out to be the ideal loving treatment that will the much needed impact for it’s human?

All Aspects Service Dogs finds the inner talent of each dog, whether it be picking up items, alerting about a potential seizure, strength and support for mobility or simply just comfort.  More than eleven lives will be positively impacted by these amazing dogs because people who hear and witness the transformation will be touched also.   

Andrew Donawa, First Responders Support Services, has a dog in training now.  A labradoodle named Jordan.  Jordan is a dog that will provide comfort during traumatic, anxious and sad situations.  There are times dogs are able to comfort when people who are struggling are unable to let others help.  

Here is a touching example of one of the dogs and young boy who needs him.  This is a picture of Bryson with Houston. Bryson has PURA Syndrome. All Aspects Service Dogs is selling $10 tickets to raffle a 4 wheeler in hopes to get Houston home to Bryson for Christmas 🎄

The raffle drawing is December 23rd.

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All Aspects Dog Training is on Facebook and Instagram and the website is:

To learn more please listen to the December 12th “Why Should I Care” show with All Aspects Service Dogs.  They also have a facebook page All Aspects Dog Training 

Author: Melissa Neader