With $25,000 donation, three South Iredell soccer fields getting an upgrade

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Statesville, NC – Iredell County Parks and Recreation Department gratefully accepts $24,700 donation from South Iredell Soccer Association for the purpose of major soccer field restoration at Stumpy Creek Park.

South Iredell Soccer Association (SISA), founded in 1980, and now a registered 501 c (3), provides recreation soccer programs for an average of 650-700 athletes per spring and fall season, which play in the Iredell County Parks and Recreation Department’s Recreation Soccer Program. Since 2002, SISA has contributed to, and supported facility improvements at Stumpy Creek Park, including a new field irrigation system, new soccer goals, field grading and sprigging repairs and more.

The long standing commitment of effective collaboration between Iredell County and the volunteer based organization SISA, directly results in quality programs and facilities for the citizens of the county to participate in and enjoy.

This donation accounts for two thirds of the total cost for the Restoration Project, while Iredell County will be paying the remaining costs, of $15,000. Work on all three soccer fields (Lowes, SISA, and Taylor) will begin the last week of June. All fields will remain closed for 6 weeks to allow for regrowth and regeneration, maximizing the investment.

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