SWAT gear stolen from Lincoln deputy



Lincolnton, NC – Duty firearms and SWAT turn-out gear were stolen from the patrol car of a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant who lives in Catawba County.

Sgt. Robert Jefferies returned from a weekend trip Sunday morning to find his patrol car damaged, his police gear stolen and his home broken into.

The thief or thieves broke out the rear driver’s side window to gain entry into the unmarked Dodge Charger patrol car. They were able to open the trunk with the automatic release and steal the service weapons and SWAT gear.

The thieves also broke into Sgt. Jefferies home and stole a .45 caliber Glock Duty handgun and holster and several electronic games.

Stolen in the break-in were .45 Glock Duty handgun, H and K MP5 duty weapon, Tactical Swat Vest, Duty Body Armor, Tactical Light for .45 Glock handgun, approximately 15 to 20 boxes of 9mm and 45 caliber rounds, handcuff/magazine pouch with two fully loaded magazines, and duty belt with holster. The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office is the investigating agency.

Anyone with information about the break-in or the weapons is asked to contact the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office at 828-464-3112, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050 or the Lincoln County Communications Center at 704-735-8202. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 704-736-8909 and if your tips leads to an arrest or recovery of the firearms and gear you could receive a reward of up to $1,000.

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