Statesville recognizes electric utilities linemen

Linemen enjoy breakfast on National Linemen Appreciation Day – Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


The City of Statesville is one of hundreds of electric utilities honoring its linemen on Tuesday, April 18, in observance of National Lineman Appreciation Day. This special day has been set aside to recognize the selflessness in building, maintaining and repairing the infrastructure that powers the country.

“I truly respect the work and professionalism of our linemen,” said Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh. “It takes talent and skill to do their jobs in often dangerous conditions. They deserve this recognition.”

“It’s good to know that our elected officials and citizens appreciate what we do and understand the unique nature of a lineman’s job,” said Statesville Electric Utilities Director John Maclaga. “I’m proud to work with these line workers. They do an outstanding job 365 days a year.”

Statesville is the oldest public power community in North Carolina, having begun providing power to this community in 1989. “We have a great history of providing reliable power as well as hiring and training good people to work on our system,” added Kutteh. “Our goal is continue these traditions for many years to come.”

At a special department breakfast Tuesday, Kutteh presented the Electric Utilities employees with a proclamation, recognizing their contribution to the community and expressing appreciation for their service.

Assistant Electric Utilities Director Devon Shelton also presented 11 linemen with their Journeyman Certificates which are earned through a mixture of classroom and on-the-job training. Receiving the certificates were: Frank Thomas, James Bowers, Joseph Stroud, Latney Lowtharpe, James Bishop, Jeremiah Christopher, Joshua Mahaffey, Michael Lyon, Timothy Gillespie, Travis Campbell, Joshua Sigmon.

“Being a lineman is a true calling,” Maclaga told the linemen during the breakfast. “It’s one of the top 15 – if not the top 10 – most dangerous jobs … and we want to take this day to recognize the contribution you make every day.”

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