Statesville Parks Rec Director to become Elkin Manager

Brent Cornelison – Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


Statesville City Manager Larry Pressley announced Tuesday the resignation of Statesville Recreation and Parks Director Brent Cornelison, effective April 27, 2018. Cornelison, 49, has accepted the position of Town Manager for Elkin, NC, and will begin his new duties in May, 2018.
Cornelison, 49, has served as the Statesville director for nearly nine years, overseeing the operations and maintenance of the City’s parks, cemeteries, community centers, greenways, trails and airports. In recent years, he also directed the development of the dog park, the Sculpture Garden and the landscaping program for the downtown streetscape.
In making the announcement, Pressley said that “Brent is very talented and works extremely well with a lot of different people. He has taken on a lot of projects and has always done well. The City will certainly miss his enthusiasm and hard work. But I wish him well in his future endeavors.”
Cornelison’s first job was as the Assistant Athletic Director for the Statesville Recreation and Parks Department in 1990. He also worked as the Athletic Director for the City of Mooresville and the Recreation and Parks Director for Elkin before coming to Statesville in 2009.
“I’ve enjoyed the job opportunities that Statesville has provided,” said Cornelison. “I have made a lot of good friends and worked with some great colleagues here that I plan on staying in contact with. I look forward to this next step in my career.”
Cornelison and his wife, Kris, have one daughter, Kaley, who will graduate from East Carolina University in May.

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