Statesville outsourcing utility billing

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City of Statesville Utility customers will notice a big change in the appearance of the utility bills mailed on or after Monday, Dec. 12. City Council approved the move to outsource the billing process in an effort to save on equipment, staff and supply costs.
“By contracting with a private company to handle the production and mailing of the bills, we have been able to redesign the bill so that it gives our customers additional details about their actual utility usage and any financial transactions,” explained Nikki Gregory, Statesville IT Director. “Our budget billing customers will also find more up-to-date information about their plan and the status of their account.”
The new format also lists specific information about billing adjustments and miscellaneous fees. “We believe it is a very customer friendly layout,” added Collections/Revenue Manager Michelle Baker. “We are very excited that we’ve also improved our access to the customers’ utility bills so that when a customer calls with a question, we can view the bill just as they are seeing it … and better answer their questions.”
The new system gives customers more choices for receiving their utility bill by email. “We expect that by making the sign-up easier and the information clearer, more customers will begin using e-notification and other payment options such as bank draft and pay-on-line,” said Baker.
Baker and Gregory agree there may be a learning curve for some customers when they see the bill for the first time. Included in this first run will be a guide to assist customers in locating and understanding the information on the bill. The guide is posted online on the Finance Department page on the City’s website,, and copies will be available in the Customer Service office at 301 S. Center St., said Baker.
The low bidder, South Data in Mt. Airy, N.C., received the contract for utility bill distribution. Meter reading, data entry, utility bill calculation, and customer service will still be handled by City of Statesville staff.

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