Statesville Fire Department preparing to introduce new engines



Picture courtesy of the Statesville Fire Department

Two brand new fire engines arrived in Statesville on March 29th and will be put into service in late April, once the necessary equipment is installed and personnel are trained on the use of the truck’s new safety equipment.

About a year ago, after much study and consideration, City Council agreed that it was time to replace several older engines. These new engines were made to order by Marion Fire Apparatus in Marion, WI, at a cost of $518,356 each.

They are temporarily housed at Fire Station Four for equipment installation, testing and training. Their permanent homes will be Fire Station Two and Fire Station Three.

Fire Chief Spencer Lee is very pleased with the new trucks, explaining that, “With an aging fleet of fire apparatus, they are a welcome addition to the department and will be put into operation as soon as possible.”

The new fire engines are equipped with a foam proportioning system to make attacks on fires more efficient and help minimize property damage. “They both will also be equipped with state-of-the-art life-saving rescue equipment that will improve the department’s management of rescue incidents such as vehicle crashes on the interstates and other major highways,” said Lee.

The department is planning a community-wide welcoming celebration for the new trucks sometime the first week in May. This will give the public an opportunity to see the new equipment up close. Lee said that one of the new trucks will also be on display at the City’s Touch-A-Truck event at the Arbor Day Celebration on April 21.

“We hope the citizens of Statesville will join us in celebrating this new equipment and thanking City Council for their commitment in making our community safer for everyone,” he added.

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