Statesville Council delays splash pad vote

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Plans to build a splash pad at the Bentley Center were put on hold Monday night after Council member Roy West moved to table the motion in order to study the possibility of locating the project at the new municipal building on Shelton Ave. The design of the municipal building, which will house a new fire station, is still in the works. There is no date set for when construction will begin on this building. The Bentley splash pad was scheduled to open on Memorial Day 2018.

The motion to table cannot be discussed and passed 5-2. Council members West, Michael Schlesinger, Michael Johnson, William Morgan and Keith Williams voted in favor of the motion while Arnold Watt and C.O. Johnson voted against.

West also asked the Recreation and Parks Department to present Council with a plan on how to transport children from the neighborhoods around the Bentley Center to the Statesville Fitness and Activity Center until the splash pad is completed.

The second reading for the annexation of the James Pointe property passed. A multi-family development is scheduled to be built on the property. Following a public hearing, Council also approved the site plan unanimously.

A request by Charles Ferguson, 2605 Newton Drive, for a water tap to serve the property at 2604 Newton Drive was approved. He made the request after his well was found to be irreparable.

The items on the consent agenda were approved by Council.

Two citizens, Kim Siegrist and James Settlemeyer, spoke during the public comment period. They both raised concerns about conflict of interest among Council members and Settlemeyer also asked council if there had been any decision to loan city funds to the developer of the Vance Hotel project.

Mayor Costi Kutteh told Mr. Settlemeyer no agreement had been made with the developer.

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