Statesville Council approves new fire truck, advertising for athletic facilities

WSIC file photo

The City of Statesville is moving forward with the process to purchase a new fire truck.

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According to an e-mail from spokeswoman Nancy Davis, Council members voted last night to enter a co-op for the purchasing process.

Delivery of the truck is expected around this time next year. Council members will vote on the final purchase at a later date.

The last truck purchased by the city cost nearly $500,000 before equipment.

Recreation & Parks cleared to seek advertisers

Members of the Statesville City Council voted last night to allow the Recreation and Parks Department to pursue advertising for public athletic facilities.

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That’s according to an e-mail from city spokeswoman Nancy Davis.

Money will be used for future capital projects at the Soccer Complex and at McClure Park. Council members also approved up to $18,000 for a specialized attorney to review airport contracts.

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